Important Of SSL Certificate For Your Website


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After keeping your website up by purchasing one of the best hosting services in Mumbai, how would you feel if the browser warned your customers that your website is not secure? You will surely not want to compromise on the performance of your website, which is directly related to the growth of your business. 

Trust is essential to assure the users that your website is authentic and safe to share private information. If you want this warning to not appear on your website, you need to get an SSL certificate. 

About SSL

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a secure digital certificate that encrypts the information so that no one can decrypt it until it reaches the intended server. 

It is easy to see whether a site has an SSL certificate or not. To find out, you only need to look at the address bar of the browser.

  • When a website is secured using an SSL certificate, the URL begins with HTTPS instead of HTTP. 
  • A closed padlock icon in the URL address bar gives users a sign that the site is trustworthy and secured.
  • The most trusted websites have a green padlock or address bars. The display of a red or an unlocked padlock emblem and a warning triangle sign in the address bar assure users that this site may not be trustworthy.

Therefore, after getting the services of a leading cloud hosting company in Mumbai, securing your website is also equally essential. 

Importance Of Using An SSL Certificate

As professional hosting services in Mumbai provides you with several benefits, an SSL certificate is also essential for protecting your data. Even if your site is small and does not make any money, securing your website is still necessary. It is a question of protecting your data and that of your visitors.

The importance and benefits of using an SSL certificate are as follows:

  • Offer three layers of protection 
  • Better search engine ranking 
  • Secures sensitive information 
  • Help you in winning the trust of the visitors

1] Offer Three Layers Of Protection 

An SSL certificate offers three layers of protection: encryption, data integrity, and authentication. In this way, all the information between clients and websites remains private, unmodified, encrypted, and secured from hackers. In other words, when you have the best cloud hosting company in Mumbaithe transferred data remains impossible to read, invulnerable to hackers, and Google no more warns visitors that your website is not secured.  

2] Better Search Engine Ranking 

Everyone wants his website on the first page of Google. Getting an SSL certificate migrates your website from HTTP to HTTPS. This migration gives a minor boost in search results and helps users find your website. Therefore, you should get an SSL certificate with the hosting services in Mumbai because Google favors it. 

3] Secures Sensitive Information

When the information is not encrypted, any computer between users and the server can read the data while passing from computer to computer to reach the destined server. An SSL certificate secures information of login credentials, credit cards transactions, bank account information, medical records, and all type of sensitive information. 

4] Help You In Winning The Trust Of The Visitors 

The display of a security padlock in the URL bar of the website will help you win visitors’ trust. It will build a trusting relationship between you and your client as people like to work with websites that care more about the security of their confidential information. 

Even if your site is small and does not make any money, you still need an SSL certificate to keep clients’ data safe, build trust, prevent attackers from creating a fake version of the website, and verify the ownership. This is all possible with the help of the hosting services in Mumbai.


It is an out-and-out necessity to purchase the services of a leading and reliable cloud hosting company in Mumbai; an SSL certificate is also equally important to grow your business and enhance the satisfaction of your customers. As we all know, there is nothing worse than finding a browser that tells the clients that their connection is not private and secured.