Dabhosa Waterfall in Maharashtra

Top 10 Waterfall Places You Need To See In Maharashtra Dabhosa Waterfall

Humans are meant to explore. It is indeed important to spent time exploring, to understand the real virtue of life. It contributes to the living of human life in several ways. And hence provides a better way to calm the soul. Nature plays as the best subject when it comes to exploration. The idea of hunting, gushing, and running are always based on exploring something. If you are ready to blend in with nature, Dabhosa Waterfall is for you!

The Dabhosa Waterfall is a Perennial Waterfall which is situated 15km away from the “Jawhar-Silvassa”. The fall is over the Lendi river at a height of 300ft. You’ll be amazed to know that this fall is one of the highest waterfalls in Maharastra so close to Mumbai. The falls are quite a picnic spot during the monsoon season. It looks like a paradise from a birdwatch. The roads add a city vibe with the countryside cultivation along the way. The location is non-polluted. The forests surrounding it tend to generally tempt natural seekers and travelers. During the monsoon, the migratory birds are back which adds a different essence to the sightseeing. On the way to the waterfall, several lakes are spotted before you reach your final destination. Shades of green around the waterfall hug it like a crescent moon. The waterfall serene is heavenly during the monsoon. Even though it can be quite risky to swim in the lower bank of the fall as it feels like a strong shower gushing down strongly.

This is how you reach Dabhosa Waterfalls:

The closest platform to the falls is the city of Jawhar. It has its own bus station which smoothly avails the road facilities.

❖ By Road

You can use the Mumbai-Jawhar road via the Kasara-Khodala route of 180kms. Even the Maharastra State Road Trasport Corporation provides a bus facility that provides the route between Mumbai and Jawahar.

❖ By Rail

On the western lane, you can reach Jawhar by using the railway station of Dahanu.

❖ Accommodation

According to one’s budget, Jawhar provides a variety of hotels and resorts. The Dabhosa Waterfall resort and others not only give you a stay but also proper guidance on the adventures available near the falls. All the hotels near the location are blessed with the natural serene you are visiting the falls for! The lush green is a balcony view to almost all of the Hotels.

Things to see when at Dabhosa Falls:

The best part about the falls is the things to experience. The falls give you a joyful ride to adventurous activities like gliding, hiking, and ralphing. YOu can even have a look at the Jai Vilas Palace. It was built by Raje Yashwant Rao. It has great importance in the geography and history of India. It is famous for the famous ‘Kaaju’ found in the palace’s forest.

❖ Things to carry:

A kit including almost all of the requirements needed for an adventurous camp is advisable. Be it a raincoat or the perfect shoes. The waterfall in Jawhar requires it all. Littering the area is prohibited. Make sure you keep your plastic wastes aside and bin it when back at your accommodation. Nature is providing you with space don’t revert negatively!