Vihigaon Waterfalls in Maharashtra

Top 10 Waterfall Places You Need To See In Maharashtra Vihigaon Waterfalls

At a radius of 13.5 km from Borrowers’ credit and 59 KMS away from Nashik, Vihigaon waterfall is indeed a periodic waterfall located in the Vihigaon hamlet in the Bombay district of Maharashtra. It’s one of the beautiful waterfalls in Maharashtra, as well as a favorite family holiday spot Mumbai and Nashik.
Vihigaon Falls is a rainy season waterfall with a spectacular natural environment. The waterfalls cascade down from a high ledge.
The waterfalls cascade into a pool at a height of around 120 feet. The Vihigaon Waterfall, sometimes called as Asoka Waterfall, is indeed a high woodland waterfall. The waterfall is dramatic, and getting there requires a short hike through a mountainous forest, where tourists may have the opportunity to observe birds.
Abseiling is a popular activity at the waterfalls. This waterfall offers travelers the chance to rappel through the thick forest during the rainy season. The waterfall has a height of around 120 feet, which most people can cover in about thirty minutes. This ideal weekend adventure trip may whisk tourists away from the hustle and bustle of city life and provide a relaxing experience beneath the stars.
People looking for adventurous and fascinating holiday vacations flock to this location. Vihigaon is a typical Adivasi community. There are no facilities for eating or lodging. So bring some snacks or meals with you. This location is so beautiful that you could happily spend a whole day here.

This is how you reach Vihigaon Waterfalls:

You must take the Kasara commuter train on the central line from Mumbai’s CST station. Decide to hire a cab to get to the Vociferous Vihigaon waterfalls upon arriving in Kasara. The highway connects Nh3 and Kasara, and then it’s a 5-kilometer drive to the location. The closest station to the waterfalls is Kasara or Igatpuri station.

Enjoyable activities:

Abseiling, canyoneering, and rappelling are among the water sports provided. After climbing the large rocks and icy walls of the stream, it is a safe and speedy descent. Rappelling is done in Ashoka, a 12-kilometer drive from Kasara, at a waterfall. As the water hits the face hard, this spectacular rock climbing against 120 feet of flowing water necessitates a lot of excitement.

Things to Carry:

• Carry a haversack to store essential items so that you can trek with your hands-free.
• While rappelling, women must wear a scarf.
• The camera is optional; whether you use it or not is entirely up to you.
• Electoral water and some munchies, including lemon and cookies
• With extra batteries, a torch is essential.
• Trekking boots that are adaptable
• Mosquito repellent, plastic carrying bags
And, of course, a bottle of water.

What to eat and where to stay:

There are no eateries or lodging options in the hamlet. In the village, there are only a few local Washrooms. And some localities provide traditional cuisine. However, they should be told before going there. They provide simple yet excellent meals that you may enjoy after your hike.

Things To See:

Vihigaon is becoming increasingly popular, and tourists flock here every year during the monsoons to partake in rappelling activities. This picturesque waterfall is encircled by a thick forest and is well-known for climbing, which would be a major tourist attraction.

For entry and parking, the local village panchayat charges a fee. Small reservoirs which supply the waterfalls, small hills, green grass, and wheat fields may all be found in Vihigaon village, in addition to the stream. Tourists looking for a unique weekend getaway flock to this location. A trip to this location is required for a rejuvenating experience in the midst of nature. In essence, Vihigaon is like Remo.