Vajrai Waterfalls in Maharashtra

Top 10 Waterfall Places You Need To See In Maharashtra Vajrai-Falls

One of the many reasons breaks are important in the form of a journey is exposure. Both mind and body are exposed to a new world, which is different from the past. Travelling will also help you gather knowledge. New topics and subjects are of great need to a curious mind. There can be no limit to vacations. One can go on searching and traveling across the globe.
The Bhabavli Vajrai falls are situated on the Urmodi River. Besides which is the Bhambavli Village. The falls are located around a radius of 27km from the city of Satara, Maharastra. The fall is perennial which means it never goes out of water. It is advisable to visit the Vajrai Falls during the rainy season. The adventurous base is exactly what your inner soul needs!
The soothing green hills and colorful flowers nearby are a stress aid. The weather is the most pleasant quality of the serene. The tranquil environment is what everyone should experience once in a while. It is a worthwhile trip for all age groups. A perfect relaxing view of nature with the best of Maharashtrian food is waiting for you!

This is how you reach Vajrai Waterfalls:

❖ By Road

The falls are located 145kms away from the city of Pune and 300kms from Mumbai. Roadways provide a very easy facility to reach this destination. Any vehicle can smoothly use the NH4 and lead one to this beautiful location. In the case of public transport, one uses the Satara Junction.

❖ By Rail

It generally takes 4hours from the Mumbai station to reach the Satara Railways. But don’t worry, we have got you covered! Pune is the closest to Satara.

❖ Accommodation

There is a good deal of hotels with above 5 star reviews you can complete your vacation at. The best part being they are just at a distance of 2km away from the city. The ranges of these hotels are finely flexible.

❖ Things to see when at Vajrai Falls:

The things one can near the falls are the forts like Kalyangad Fort situated by the radius of the Nandgiri Hills. It was built by Silhara King and surrendered to King Shivaji later. The next spot you can grab attention to is the Kaas plateau. It has all sorts of beautiful species. And has been declared as the UNESCO World Natural Heritage site of India in 2012. It is a magical place located in the Panchgani. These sites are covered with the best of gardens and a magical version of nature.

❖ Things to carry:

Don’t forget to carry rain jackets and coats if the monsoon is the time of the year. Satara provides beautiful serene for one to choose trekking. It is suggested to have comfortable trekking shoes to the falls. It is always important to give nature back and protect it in any possible way, an extra bag should be carried to collect all the litters you use on the way. Also because the whole area is a plastic-free zone and littering is strictly prohibited. With these most important of things, you are ready to go to your long-awaited!