Thoseghar Waterfalls in Maharashtra

Top 10 Waterfall Places You Need To See In Maharashtra Thoseghar-Falls

Nature plays an important role in helping one heal. The melody of nature blended with the species is something, everyone deserves in intervals. Waterfalls are an extraordinary creation of God. And a suited need for any getaway. Thoseghar falls is the exact location, one needs to experience the beauty of nature. The perfect combination of nature’s colors. With a suitable and well-maintained location to feed your curiosity.
The location of the Thoseghar falls is somewhere near the Thoseghar village, which happens to be near Satara city. The falls lie in the Western Part of India. The location is a major attraction to tourists during the monsoon. The scenic beauty around the place is a great pleasure to witness.
The spot even plays as a picnic area. As the gallery is the perfect view to enjoy the ambiance. The environment created by the falls and surrounded by the valley is a scene no one can get tired of looking. The falls cannot be entered but yes access to the starting point of falls is surely welcomed.

This is how you reach Thoseghar Waterfalls:

The best part being about the location is the availability of both bus stand and junction station of the area which is Satara. One can comfortably travel in any public or private transport to reach this beautiful scene

❖ By Road

Satara is well connected with Pune through the Roadways. Even between the roads of Chalkewadi, vehicles can be parked and the pleasure of watching the falls can be obtained in just walking for 0.5km.

❖ By Rail

The Pune-Miraj line is the route the train holds while reaching the Satara Station. With approximately 2 hours covering the distance of 150km, you will reach the closest to your destination.

❖ Accommodation

When it comes to accommodation, Satara is the best to allow flexible ranges. Be it the highest-paid hotels or the minimum of ranges with a good facility. The environment view is something, not any hotel compromises on. These hotels avail the best taste of Maharashtrian Food and ambiance. The natural ambiance just adds to the feelings of a holiday. Days are worthwhile accomodating in Satara!

Things to see when at Thoseghar Falls:

There are a set of ways you can get closer to nature in Satara, for example, the Flower valley ‘Kaas Patthar. It has a long way to walk and enjoy the scenery the place has to offer. A variety of flowers and colors are something you can expect from the location. What you should also not miss out on is the Sajjangad Fort. It falls between Pune and the falls. The has a high religious impact on Indian History. Even Chalkewadi, being famous for the windmills farm is an experience you can gain!

❖ Things to carry:

Monsoon is the best when it comes to visiting this fall. It is advisable to not forget your comfortable shoes and raincoats. There are a lot of beautiful memories one can create near the location. So don’t forget to carry your camera and frame the moment you spend there!