Umbrella Falls, Bhandardara in Maharashtra

Top 10 Waterfall Places You Need To See In Maharashtra Umbrella-Falls

The very thought of a trip or a holiday or a small outing itself is so thrilling. When you find out that there is a hill station in the area you are planning a trip to, it is difficult for you to wait any longer.
Located in Bhandardara, Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra, there is one such captivating waterfall called the Umbrella Falls. As the name suggests, it very much looks like an umbrella. Originating from Wilson Dam, Umbrella Falls are an attraction for tourists in this area. You can get the best view of the falls from a footbridge connecting Wilson Dam and the waterfall. Your trip would be incomplete without visiting this place when at Bhandardara.

This is how you reach Umbrella Waterfalls:

❖ By Road

If you are taking a road trip to Umbrella Falls, it is only a 3-4 hour journey from Mumbai. You have to get on to the NH 160. If you start from Pune, you have to take the NH 60 and drive for about 4-5 hours to reach this place. Once you reach Bhandardara, it’s just a walk of 500 meters to reach Umbrella Falls.

❖ By Rail

If you plan to go by rail, then the closest railway station to Bhandardara is located at Igatpuri (35 km from Bhandardara). From here you can find many State Road Transport Busses, or there are taxi services available.

❖ Accommodation

Finding accommodation is the easiest task for you when you are at Bhandardara. Several hotel rooms and resorts are suiting your needs. Just to mention a few- Amit Resort is just 1 km away from Bandardara Dam, and Anandvan Resort is another place with exceptional facilities just 2 km away from the waterfalls.

Now that you got an idea of the Umbrella Falls, let us look at the things near the waterfalls.

Things to see when at Umbrella Falls:

1. Kalsubai Peak or Mount Kalsubai: This is a distance of 12 km from Bhandardara. This place is popular among adventure enthusiasts in Maharashtra. At an altitude of 5400 feet, this stands as the highest peak in Maharashtra. This peak was used to watch enemies during the Maratha rule. There are many routes to reach the top, but the most popular one is from Baari Village, about 10 km from Bhandardara.

2. Ratangad Fort: This is a fort, making it another location 23 km away from Bhandardara. Situated at the height of 4250 feet, this place is ideal for trekking. This fort was initially ruled by the Mughals, which Shivaji Maharaj later conquered.

3. Amruteshwar Temple: Located 17 km away from Bhandardara, this temple is at the base village of Ratangad Fort- Ratanwadi Village. This Shiva temple is considered to be older than 1200 years. This temple is famous for its stone carvings during the Sahara Dynasty in the 9th century AD.

❖ Things to carry:

Umbrella waterfalls are one of a kind surrounded by some small hills. It has some steep areas so take your shoes along and wear your comfortable attire when going there. Do not forget to carry your own drinking water along.

On the whole, a trip to Bhandardara is worth it as there are many historic forts, waterfalls, and adventurous places in and around. Above all this place has many modes of transport facilities available.