Dugarwadi Waterfalls in Maharashtra

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Located at sapgaon, Dugarwadi Waterfalls is one of the best waterfalls in Maharashtra. For anyone who loves to enjoy nature, this is the place that should be visited. These are mesmerizing waterfalls in a great location filled with greenery around. If you want to get a good view of the waterfall, then a trek is needed. If you love trekking, then this might be the place you want to check.

This is how you reach Dugarwadi Waterfalls:

❖ By Road

If you are taking a road, then you can reach Dugarwadi Waterfalls by taking the NH 848. You need to drive up to Saigon. From sapgaon, the next halt is about 4 km away. This is where you have to park and leave your vehicles. From this place, it’s just a couple of kilometers walk, and you will reach the magnificent waterfalls. One thing that you need to do is to form groups and then take this walk as there is no security in this region. Just for information, you would be walking amidst dense forest.
The best time to visit this place is during the monsoon. Though the best time to visit this place is the monsoon, there is risk in it, and you are advised to take a lot of care. During monsoon, the water level at this waterfall tends to rise very fast, and you may get trapped in the rushing waters even before you realize what’s happening.

❖ By Rail

Dugarwadi Waterfalls just 8 km away from Trimbakeshwar and around 38 kilometers from Nashik, and 94 km from Mumbai. The closest railway station from these beautiful waterfalls seems to be Igatpuri Railway Station. If you take NH 160, then it is around 65 km from Igatpuri to Dugarwadi Waterfalls.

❖ Accommodation

If you are looking forward to staying some days near the waterfalls, there are many hotels but not very near to Dugarwadi waterfalls. All the hotel rooms are about 6 km away from the waterfalls. There are both non-AC and AC rooms at reasonable costs. Some of them are Hotel Three Leaves, offering simple rooms and suites along with a playground in the compound, and E&G Green Valley Spa Resort, along with rooms and villas offering an outdoor pool and a spa.
There are many historical and tourist places in Nashik and around Dugarwadi waterfalls.

A few of them are:

1. Anjaneri Hills: This is to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. This place is also known to attract hikers. If you are one, then I bet you will love this place.
2. Zonkers Adventure Park: This place offers various adventure activities and sports for both kids and adults. This place is famous for artificial rock climbing, zip-lining, rappelling, etc.
3. Coin Museum: The Coin museum in Nashik is an attraction for tourists. It has a collection of almost every variety of coins made of different materials and from different ages. By visiting this place, you will clearly understand the evolution of currency in India.

❖ Things to carry:

Dugarwadi waterfalls are best to visit in monsoons as you can witness the clouds toughing and moving away. It’s a mesmerising view that one would love to capture hence do not forget to get the best of your camers if you wish to capture the smallest of the details. You can carry your snacks along to have and relax there.

Nashik has always been a place for tourists. This is a hub of temples and ancient places attracting tourists. There are many more than the places mentioned above, and it is not practically possible to talk about all of them here.