Sawatsada Waterfalls in Maharashtra

Top 10 Waterfall Places You Need To See In Maharashtra Sawatsada-Waterfall

Getaways are important. There should be a peaceful escape from the city hustle one should take. The noises should be replaced by the chirping of birds. Mother Nature must be explored. And a holiday closer to the environment is a must!

From the range of Nature Photographers to adventurous kids, if you belong somewhere in the line, Sawatsada Falls awaits you! It is a place a bunch of travelers and explorers prefer. Not only that, there is a whole lot of stories behind Sawatsada. Fables and ancient tales on this place of Chiplun around the Kokhon coast will grab your attention soon.

This beautiful serene falls under the top five tourists spot of Chiplun. The best time to visit Lingmala is Monsoon as it’s a seasonal rainfall. It looks graceful with the raindrops pouring. If you are lucky enough, you might also be welcomed by the rainbow. The sight of the trees hugging the falls in unison looks impeccable.

This is how you reach Sawatsada Waterfalls:

It is located in the town of Chilpun under the district of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. It is a spot easily seen by the Mumbai-Chilpun road. The best part of the location is the availability of both the railway station and bus stand of Chilpun.

❖ By Road

If you have reached the Chiplun Bus stand, you need to know that you are near! It’s just a drive of 15-18 mins from the stand to the Fall after taking the first right. You’ll pass by the Banu Palace on the left when you are a kilometer away from Sawatsada.

❖ By Rail

The best part about the destination is the Chilpun Railway Station, which makes it easier for travelers to reach. The time taken to travel from the station to the falls is approximately 8 minutes only. An auto can be taken to complete the distance.

❖ Accommodation

There falls a good set of accommodation services available in Chiplun. As there Chilpun as a whole is a tourist spot, they are starting right from a low price of 700 and above. Almost all of these hotels gift cool breeze and scenic beauty. From four-star hotels to a family resort, Chilpun offers you any sort of comfort you require.

Things to see when at Sawatsada Waterfalls:

If the Sawatsada Falls hasn’t satisfied you till the bottom, the Vaishiti River is just for you! A range of chirpings is also heard by the river. Crocodiles are often spotted by travelers. Evening walks with the cool breeze by Vaishiti is the exact sunset you need away from the city. With a few kilometers resides the very famous Parshuram temple. Chiplun is incomplete without its stories. Numerous history papers are dedicated to this temple and you should surely have a look at them!

❖ Things to carry:

If monsoon is what you have chosen for yourself, don’t forget to carry raincoats and covers. Sawatsada has stairs and it is advisable to wear shoes. Just to it a beautiful spot. Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture shots!