Lingmala Waterfalls in Maharashtra

Top 10 Waterfall Places You Need To See In Maharashtra Lingmala-Falls

If your soul is looking for peace, there’s nothing better than a trip that brings you closer to Nature. Fresh air with the smell of water is a cure for all sorts of stress. The Lingmala Waterfall scene-covered lush green is precisely what your tight tiring schedules needs!
The waterfall is divided into two decks, with the higher one being approximately above 500ft. The lower section is a comfort zone ”water-bies” to love to swim! But it is not recommended during monsoon. There’sThere’s a walking time taken off around 30 minutes from the lower part to the higher one.

Lingmala is an eye-pleasing scenery with the rocky green forest hugging the water in the valley of Vienna. The gushing of the water and the light wind are great reasons for this waterfall to be known as the most beautiful one in the country!

This is how you reach Lingmala Waterfalls:

One of the best parts about this fall is the fact how Lingmala is easily accessible to travelers. It is located between Maharastra and Pune. Both road and rail can trace it. If roadways are the option you are thinking of choosing, Mahabaleshwar would be the best map route for you. If it’s the rail tracks you wish to follow, nothing is more advisable than Pune.

❖ By Road

Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand is the most prominent landmark to the Falls. You will have to cover approximately 7km to reach your destination by car from the bus stand in 15-17 minutes. Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar Road route is the one you have to get on to for a smooth reach. With a kilometer before, you’ll come across Surya Hotel falling on the left. With a few minutes passing by, you will reach your destination!

❖ By Rail

Pune Railway station is undoubtedly the most connected spot in the country. It can be used as a consideration while traveling to Lingmala via rail, while the second option being the Wathar Railway station.

❖ Accommodation

You can choose a set of hotels in Mahabaleshwar within a radius of 0.5km rangingright from Rs1500 and above.

Things to see when at Lingmala Waterfalls:

Apart from the beauty of the falls, the ranges of spots you can look at are the forts and temples of Mahabaleshwar. With the first being Mahabaleshwar temples dictating the fine work of the Maratha heritage. The South Indian design is adding a spark to the architect of the temple. One can even visit Pratabghar fort. It has a significant significance in Indian History, describing the war between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Afzal Khan. Spots residing in the surroundings of Lingmala Falls are a well-known tourist attraction and are not something one should miss on!

❖ Things to carry:

Lingmala is also famous for its trekking facilities, which are provided by the location. A good pair of sports shoe and a medical kit is generally what the travelers should carry when visiting the falls. If monsoon season is what you have decided, then raincoats and backpack rain covers are a must. Last but not least, make sure you carry a bin bag to collect all your litter. Wrappers are strictly prohibited from being thrown around those areas as Nature is what we must always stand to protect!