Kune Waterfalls in Maharashtra

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Located at Lonavala in Pune district, old Mumbai, Kune Waterfalls is the 14th highest waterfall in India. At an altitude of 622 m, the 200-meter three-tiered waterfalls are surrounded by the famous Sahyadri Mountains. Situated in Kune village, these waterfalls are one of the places in the Maharashtra tour which you cannot miss.

This is how you reach Kune Waterfalls:

❖ By rail

Kune Waterfalls are at a distance of 70 kilometers from Pune and 94 km from Mumbai. Once you reach either Khandala or Lonavala Railway station, then the scenic waterfall is just 2 km and 3.5 km away from Khandala and Lonavala, respectively.

❖ By road

You can reach Kune waterfalls by a tourist bus, taxi, or car. If you are taking a road to visit this place, you have to take the old Mumbai-Pune Highway. The landmark to reach this place is the Kune church which is close to Kune waterfalls. There is parking available for cars near the place at feasible costs. Once you reach the church, you need to go on foot. However, it is just a short walk.
The best time to visit this place is during the monsoon, i.e., during July and August or just after the monsoon. However, water is known to run through the valley even after many days after the monsoon, so winter can also be the right time to be there. The main activities for tourists here are bathing under the massive gush of water flow when it is at its peak during the rainy season and, of course, swimming in the water flowing around it. However, it is considered that swimming is not safe here. So it’s best not to do so.

❖ Accommodation

If you plan to spend some days near the waterfalls, there are many hotels and resorts nearby of Kune waterfalls. There is a variety of lodging and hotels. The wide range allows you to choose from non-AC and AC rooms and the costs are feasible too. Some of them could be Meritas Crystal Resort and Leela’s Cottage.

There are many historical and tourist places in Lonavala and around our beautiful waterfalls.
A few not to miss things to see when at Kune Waterfalls are:

  • Karla Caves: This is one of the most historical places in Maharashtra and is a complex art of ancient Indian Buddhists. These are rock-cut cave temples. And are a must-see.
  • Tiger’s Point: Situated at Kurvande, this is a scenic beauty, the viewpoint that you will not find anywhere else in Lonavala. This place offers you lush greenery, waterfalls, and lakes around the point.
  • Karnala Bird Sanctuary: This is Panvel Taluka of Raigad. This place is home to over 187 species of birds, both resident and migratory. If you are a bird-watcher and a hiker, then this is one place you would love to be at along with Kune Waterfalls. While this is a bird sanctuary, this place also provides shelter to wildlife. Wild boars, langur, and monkeys are commonly found here.

❖ Things To carry

Kune waterfalls has a scenic beauty with some absolute fun activities for you where you can do some trekking, swimming etc. so don’t forget to carry your sports shoes and trekking gears. If you are planning to go with friends or family for a picnic day out then why miss the night camping there.

Well, to speak of places to visit when at Kune waterfalls, there are many. But, here are only a few of them. You need to plan a long trip to cover all of them.