Five ways to monetize your website or blog in 2021


Starting with a website or a blog is not easier as it takes time for it to be client engaging and worthy content. Earlier, creating a website would cost a burden to your pockets; hence monetizing a blog or a website was a difficult task. There weren’t many options like email marketing or WordPress that we have these days. Since earlier, blogging was not a severe source of earning though now it has turned the table upside down where every other person wants to become a blogger, and they see their career in it. But becoming a blogger is not that easy.

You need to do personalization, so your audience feels connected to you, and perhaps you need to have a strategy and advertising partnerships for it. Before you start monetizing, make sure you have few things cleared up, like having steady traffic where you dont need millions of visitors, but yes, there should be at least thousands in a month. The other would be having a concrete email list.

Listed below are five ways to monetize your website or blog:

1. Analyse and decide your Niche

You need to first understand what your Niche is and once you get that, try to become a freelance blogger in this Niche. As it will be your choice of Niche, you would be more passionate to write blogs in it, which will then get the best out of you and attract the clients to your website.

2. Included eBooks

As we are progressing in technologies these days, it could be best and efficient if you use eBooks to monetize your blog. eBooks also turns out to be the quickest way to gaze whether the audience is interested in your blog that you get paid for.

3. Paid membership offers

Membership subscription is becoming highly popular in today’s world as it not only adds them as a member but also provides them with a good plan offer. There many subscription plans being shared around the globe like Netflix, Other web hosting sites.

4. Make money with ads

Many companies and business start-ups have done great success offline but now want to explore online. Now, in this case, they need to advertise their websites, and this is where you can use this as your opportunity and make money by advertising.

5. An Ace marketer

Since the soul of the whole monetizing process is marketing, you need to be very good in marketing as that’s your source of getting your clients attracted to your website or blogs. So start mentioning affiliate marketing in your blog as it essential in digital marketing. To move ahead with monetization, affiliate marketing would turn out to be a great help.


You can also approach some authentic consulting for the monetization of your website and blog. The top features that you need to have included leadership, credibility, and remembering that the Niche that you choose should be as per the market demand and traffic.