Exciting Places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra


Monsoon is that period of the year when nature refreshes itself. If you love to spend some time in the freshness of nature, then the monsoon is the right time for it. If you want to feel being in the embrace of enthralling green nature, feel the sensation of clouds over the mountains, or that drizzle with a cool breeze, then Maharashtra is the place for you. Maharashtra has some beautiful places that can be soothing to you and relieve you from the stress of the daily hustle and bustle.

Here we have come up with a small list of some of the most exciting places to visit in the monsoon in Maharashtra:

1. Tapola:

Also called the satellite village of Mahabaleshwar, Tapola is called the Mini Kashmir of Maharashtra. The name in itself speaks volumes of its beauty. What makes this place so picturesque is the number of forts and the forests surrounding them. Tapola also holds a lot to offer for water sports lovers. The most exciting attraction for travellers here is trekking. This place also has many historic attractions. Just to mention, one of them is the Pratapgad Fort built by the great king Shivaji.

2. Bhimashankar:

If you plan to visit a hill station in Maharashtra this monsoon, then Bhimashankar should be that. This is a place for one among the 12 Jyotirlingas in the country. Apart from its religious significance, this place is full of nature. Imagine yourself standing at the height of 3200ft above sea level; thick forests and waterfalls surround you. Wherever you look, you can only see the foliage of trees. This a beauty that you should not miss during monsoons. Adding to this is the trek from Lonavala to Bhimashankar, which is the most attractive tourist activity in this place.

3. Malshej Ghat:

Malshej Ghat has sneaked its way into the top 10 places to visit during the monsoon. This place is a treat to your eyes. This place is filled with blooms during the monsoon, and the view from the top cannot be described in words. A must-visit place here is the Harshchandragad Fort. Trekking at 1400 meters, this 6 th -century fort gives of its kind experience to adventure lovers.

4. Mulshi Dam:

If you want to quickly escape from Pune for a while, then this is that place to be at. Mulshi Dam is nothing less than nature’s serenity at its best. Its proximity to Pune brings this place to our list. Just a couple of hours from Pune, you can be lost in nature. Monsoon is the time when this dam becomes more scenic. The best thing is you can return to your home on the same day after a couple of hours of embracing nature.

5. Lonavala:

This is one place that doesn’t have anything apart from greenery. Yes, particularly during the monsoon season, you would not want to leave the place if you happen to be in Lonavala. This hill station becomes even greener during rains. You will be mesmerized with its beauty, and all your senses will come awake with the touch of the cool breezes if you can be on the hills just after the rains.

6. Panchgani:

Situated in the Satara district of Maharashtra, above 4370 feet from sea level, Panchgani is a hill station. As the name suggests, this place is enclosed by five majestic hills. This place is a whole package of dense forests, serene valleys, waterfalls, and tall mountains. This is a place known to be sought after by people looking for peace, nature, adventure and romance. Other attractions of this place are Rajpuri Caves, Sydney Point, Table Land and Dhom Dam.

Monsoon comes with an opportunity for us to recharge ourselves by spending some time in nature. I
wish you a happy monsoon season.