How to get new business leads in Covid-19 lockdown


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The world-wide lockdown caused by COVID-19 has led businesses and industries to go haywire when it comes to smooth daily working. It has become a concern to retain regular customers let alone attracting and increasing the consumer base. It is important to keep the flow of the business smooth so as to not incur any loss. It is a task to generate leads for your business in this period, however, every business has to learn to bring the best even out of uncertain times.

Alter your strategies as per the new changing market

The definition of the market has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making the digitized world the ‘new normal’. Try to advertise and promote your business in such a way that makes people understand how they will get beneficial in these tiring times from the services that you offer. Having an enticing strategy and building trust are the main blocks that will urge the customers to click on your ads and help you to generate leads.

Use apt Integrated Marketing tools

Try to engage your customer by creating smooth communication using various IMC (integrated marketing communication tools) for effective customer management relations. In these stressful times, almost everyone is trying to find an escape on social media; as a result, they are continuously exposed to their mobiles. So, businesses should send customized emails, direct mailers, SMS, social media marketing content to attract prospects i.e. the leads.

Build genuine customer relations

COVID-19 pandemic has brought people closer on a global scale. One thing that will help your business derive new business leads is by forming trust-worthy and empathetic customer relations. Make sure you have a robust CRM (customer relationship management) and try to introduce facilities and services adapted for the lockdown situation. Initiate conversations on platforms like Facebook or Twitter and directly generate leads online. When people will feel that what you are offering is not offered by your competitors, new prospects are bound to click on your website.

Increase your website speed

The lockdown has resulted in slower internet connections as each and every person has become a voracious user of the Internet. Make sure you make your website load faster than your competitors so that your leads get a user-enhanced and speedy experience. The more time your website takes to load, the more leads are lost. You can test your website speed by using tools like Google’s Page Speed Highlights or Webpage Test. Try to improve your page load speed for effective conversions.

Amplify your SEO

Understand the way people search online is changing because of the ongoing pandemic situation and accordingly boost your website’s SEO. Try to add keywords that are relevant to the present situation and optimize your content as well as the website. Integrate user-generated content such as feedbacks and reviews while making sure that your website is completely responsive. An when people will search the relevant words, they will come across your website; thus, increasing the chances of new business leads.

Create an online presence

Try to make an impact online by coming up with various initiatives that collaborate your business plans with the COVID-19 situation in a positive way. You can host online sessions or conferences that urge people to be a part of your initiatives. It helps people to recognize your brand and also tells them how you are responding amid this crisis. As a result, new prospects may get connected to your website generating new leads.

COVID-19 lockdown has created ample opportunities for businesses to create leads, however, it should be understood that this a global pandemic, and whatever tactics you use to generate leads should be equally beneficial and genuine for both businesses as well the customers.