How to select Best Domain Name for your Business


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Your domain name is the identity of the brand. It’s a public representation of your brand. Considered to be more important than your online address, an interesting, creative, and memorable domain name attracts more visitors to your website. On the other hand, a regular, basic and dull domain name creates a negative impression and drives them away. Selecting the right domain name is a crucial task. It decides the future of your brand. No points in guessing, it’s one of the most important business decisions you’ll have to make. However, if you think from a visitor’s perspective, then it will be a lot easier for you to land up to the perfect domain name.

Following are a few steps you must consider in order to find the right domain name for your business:

1. Research is the Key:

It is very important to check the availability of the domain name. Because apparently, there are more than 1.3 billion websites. So, there are higher chances that the domain name you’ve finalized is already taken by someone else. This might land you in legal trouble. So, to avoid any kind of trouble you need to make sure that your research is in place.

2. Wear ear Visitors Cap:

In order to find out the perfect domain name, you need to think like a visitor. You must think about the domain names which your visitors will relate to the most, the names which will stand out at the same time represent the heart of your business in the most accurate manner. These points will help you draw guidelines that will take you closer to finding out the right domain name. You can also take the help of domain name generators.

3. Think of Brandable Domain Name:

You need to think about the future while deciding your domain name. The name should be such which depicts the core business at the same time stands out from its competitors. It should talk about your product & service. Also, depict your values and mission in the most accurate and impactful manner. You should think long-term as the name should go with future developments and market conditions. You need to incorporate relatable keywords and avoid using generic keywords.

4. Go for a Memorable One:

As per studies, the most memorable brand names have short and crisp names. They normally have 6 to 14 characters in length. Make sure to avoid using hyphens, special characters, etc. in order to make it less complex and easy to remember. Go for names that are easy to remember, type, and pronounce. If your brand contains a long name. Try using initials and make it less interesting.

5. Pick the Best Domain Extension:

Though many other domain extensions are not available for you to use. It is highly recommended to go for ‘.com’ which is still the most widely used domain extension. If ‘.com’ is not available. You can consider using ‘.net’ or ‘.info’. However, you can also use, ‘.church’ or ‘.photo’ to depict what your site is about. Choosing the right domain name is truly very essential for businesses and brands.