Pratapgarh Fort


Pratapgarh is 21 km from Mahabaleshwar on the Mahad Road. This fort is very significant as the major battle with Afzal Khan took place here on the 10th of November in 1659. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj built this fort in 1956. The altitude of this fort is 3543 feet above sea level. The temple of Tulja Bhavani has also been built at this place by Shivaji Maharaj. You can have a broad look at Hundreds of kilometers of the region right from Konkan.

How to reach

Two trails take you to Pratapgarh fort. One is via Mahad- poladpur and the other is via wai- Mahabaleshwar. There is a tiny village named kumbhreshi that can be entered from either side. On the south-east side, a village named Par is located. The path that passes between the two places will take you to the Pratapgarh fort.

❖ By Road

Pratapgarh fort is usually toured as a day trip from Mahabaleshwar hill station which is only 23 kilometers away. One can also take an ST bus that runs from Panvel to Poladpur at night time, then you need to wait at Poladpur ST bus stand for the early ST to Wada bus that arrives around 7 am. From Wada village, you can hire a 4 wheeler to reach the base of the Pratapgarh fort.
You may also take another great trekking road that is less apparent. With the help of villagers, you can locate an adventurous trekking path that is surrounded by verdure. From the main road, you can easily see the arrows on the path indicating the actual path that directs to the old rock stairs. If you follow this road, you’ll be able to walk to the top of the Pratapgarh fort within just 30 minutes. Earlier the Malwa took this old route. This fort is well accessible by cabs, buses, and other vehicles.

❖ By Rail

To reach Pratapgarh fort, Satara railway station is the nearest railway station that exists near the city center. The railway station is located within the range of 46 kilometers.

❖ By Air

The nearest airport located to Pratapgarh is Karad in the Satara district. It is situated around 125 km from Pratapgarh, currently, it is booked for pilot training and general aviation. You can also take a flight to Mumbai international airport located around 225 km from Pratapgarh. From Mumbai, you can reach Pratapgad by train or road.

❖ Accommodation

There are many luxury hotels resorts and lodges are available in Pratap Garh to make your trip enjoyable and comfortable.
You can also find cottages and bungalows around Pratap Garh.

❖ Things To See

  • The 17-foot tall equestrian statue of the Shivaji which is made up from bronze is a must visit sculpture.
  • The Afzal Khan Tower.
  • God shankar temple and Bawani temple, the bawani temple is supported by wooden pillars and the monument is built from gold.
  • Mount Malcolm, located near Pratapgad Fort, indicates the colonial era.
  • The Bombay sunset point is known as a scenic area for Nature fanatics.
  • Panchganga mandir is built at convergence of 5 rivers- koyna, Venna, savitri, Krishna, Gayatri.

❖ Things To Carry

  • Camera
  • May take food for picnics
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Large water bottle
  • First-aid tool