Plus Valley


Plus Valley is a gorgeous and seldom explored valley. It is situated in the Tamhini Ghats in the middle of four majestic hills, this gives a plus sign shape to the Valley. Coming down to this 2000ft deep valley is easier in comparison, but the exciting factor gets throttled once you reach the rappelling point.

How to reach

❖ By Road

You can reach Tamhini ghat through the Mumbai-Goa highway. The distance between Mumbai and Tamhini ghat is 140 km approx. The most suitable way to get to Tamhini ghat is driving which is going to cost you around 1800 rupees and will take 2hrs and 15 minutes to reach your destination. After jumping on the Mumbai-Goa highway you have to travel towards the Kolad and after you cross the bridge via multi dam backwaters, head towards Pune. It takes 50 minutes to reach tamhini ghat from Pune.

❖ By Rail

There is no direct transportation from Pune to Tamhini Ghat. However, one can take the train to Lonavala junction then take the cab to Tamhini Ghat. Alternatively, you can also take the train to Malavli and then take the cab to Tamhini Ghat.

❖ Accommodation

You can find several accommodations near Tamhini ghat, here are some popular stay points among travellers:

  • Bougainvillea Resort: This resort provides four categories of 22 accommodations including villas and private pools. This place has a team of professional staff who is dedicated to take care of guest’s comforts.This property is built in the most fascinating location around Tamhini Ghat. It is surrounded by viridescent hills and front views of Mulshi Lake.
  • Jalsrushti Island Resort: This resort is a wonderful escape into greenness and calmed atmosphere. This extensive property is located on the banks of Mula River, offering sufficient privacy while not adjusting on facilities, experiences, and comfort for all types of travelers, particularly couples.
  • Tanmay Getaways: The Tanmay getaways is a beautiful white villa resort, located amidst verdant terrains of Mushi. This is a place which offers scenic beauty, privacy, and luxury altogether.

❖ Things To See

  • Tamhini Ghat is recognized for its scenic view points.
  • Must visit Tamhini Waterfalls.
  • Another attraction in Tamhini ghat is Mulshi dam and Mulshi lake which is a reservoir.
  • For adventure lovers this place has Kailasagad fort nearby.

❖ Things To Carry

  • Keep some warm shirts, light microfleece pullover, full sleeve T-shirt, and thermal innerwear.
  • Ensure you have water-resistant trekking pants.
  • Windproof and water-resistant coat.
  • Thick fleece and full-sleeve woolen sweaters.
  • Woolen caps scarves mufflers waterproof gloves
  • Trekking poles, trekking sticks, torch or flashlight with extra batteries.
  • Insulated water bottle that can store 2 liters of water.
  • Personal medical kit, first aid box and other personal toiletries.
  • Personal care items like sunscreen, face cream, moisturizer and other lotions.
  • Keep stock of thick woolen socks along with some regular socks.
  • Small towel or washcloth.
  • Other accessories like sunglasses, compass, etc.,
  • An efficient travel bag that can fit all your stuff in an organized manner.