Camel Valley


Camel Valley is certainly a deep valley and is one of the best-kept enigmas of the town. It is situated near the picturesque Bhatsa River Valley, the valley earned its name from the jagged cliff that looks like the head of a camel. From its viewpoint, one can notice the astonishing panorama of the gorge and its surroundings. The primary attraction of the valley is the rumbling waterfall which pours down from a height of about 1,000 feet.

How to reach

❖ By Road

Camel valley is situated at a distance of about 1 km from Bhatsa River Valley and about 4 km from the Igatpuri Railway Station. Camel Valley Viewpoint is considered to be a vantage point, which is situated in Igatpuri.
You can get a direct cab from Pune to Igatpuri, which is about 196.8 km away from each other. The least time taken by taxi from Pune to Igatpuri is 4 hours and 43 minutes. The quickest way to travel from Pune to Igatpuri is the bus to Mumbai, then a taxi to Igatpuri, which takes a total duration of 4 hours and 43 minutes.
From Mumbai, one can travel to Igatpuri through buses facilitated by ‘Neeta tours and travels’. The route includes the Mumbai-Agra national highway (NH160). The distance between Mumbai and Igatpuri is 71.5 km which takes a duration of 1 hour and 36 minutes.

❖ By Rail

The train from Mumbai to Igatpuri is the fastest way to reach camel valley, it takes about 1h 40m to reach Igatpuri junction. From there you can continue with private cab, taxi, etc.,
If you are traveling from Pune then to reach camel valley take Pune BSL EXP that runs from Pune to Igatpuri on a daily basis. The inexpensive way to reach from Pune to Igatpuri is the train to Kalyan Jn, after reaching there take the train to Igatpuri, the total duration would be 8 hours and 45 minutes.

❖ Accommodation

Starred hotels near Camel Valley Vineyard that are most visited and liked by the travelers are:

  • Costislost House Wadebridge at a distance of 1.9 miles from Camel Valley Vineyard.
  • Park Farmhouse bed and breakfast Washaway at a distance of 2.3 miles from Camel Valley Vineyard.
  • Roscrea Bed & Breakfast, one of the good places to stay.
  • Trehellas Country House Hotel, Steak house & Grill, provides useful facilities and comfort to visitors.
  • Priory Cottage Bodmin Bed & Breakfast and Boleyn house are also in the choice list of tourists.
  • ❖ Things To See

    • Karoli Ghat offers scenic beauty and an adventurous experience to its viewers. Villagers use this trail for their regular trading work in the Summer and winter Seasons.
    • You can view this incredible point by the road at the tip of Kasara ghat. Entirely foggy and green, completely amazing. It is a lush green valley with decent spots to sit and click pictures and enjoy the climate.
    • You can enjoy a great view of two hills with a valley in between, which looks like camel humps. This justifies the name ‘CameValley’. This place looks great during monsoon, with waterfalls pouring down into the canyon and clouds everywhere.

    ❖ Things To Carry

    • Keep some warm clothes, light pullover, full sleeve T-shirts, and thermal innerwear.
    • Good quality camera.
    • Keep water-resistant trekking pants, you can also keep extra pairs of them.
    • Water-resistant and windproof jackets.
    • Thick fiber and full-sleeve woolen sweaters, include them in your list.
    • Woolen covers, bandannas, mufflers and waterproof gloves.
    • Trekking poles or sticks, torch/ flashlight, make sure to grab some extra batteries.
    • Covered water bottle that can store 3 liters of water.
    • Personal medication kit, first-aid box and other personal toiletries.
    • Persona skin care commodities like sunscreen, face cream, moisturizer etc.,
    • Keep pairs of thick woolen socks, some regular socks and washcloth.
    • Additional accessories like sunglasses, compass, etc.,
    • A suitable travel bag to fit all your things in a systematic manner.