Anjaneri Fort Trek


Anjaneri fort trek is one of the popular treks in Nasik-Trimbakeshwar mountain ridge of Maharashtra. It is a charm of Nashik city and Trimbakeshwar province. It is located at a distance of 20 km from Nasik and 6 kilometers from Trimbakeshwar. It has an altitude of 4263 feet from sea level. The townies believe that the fort is the motherland of Lord Hanuman. Therefore, it is considered one of the sacred places among Hindu devotees.

How to reach

❖ By Road

The Anjaneri fort trek onsets from Anjaneri village. Trimbakeshwar and Nasik are the 2 closest cities to the fort. You may use public transportation as well as your personal vehicle to reach this village:
From Nashik, you have to get on the Mumbai- Agra highway, then continue on the same road till you enter Nashik. From there take the Nashik – Trimbakeshwar Highway. It is 35 km from Anjaneri village. Take a left turn where you see the direction board.
If you are coming from Trimbakeshwar, the Anjaneri village is around 6 km. You need to take a right turn from the direction board. You can’t take your car all the way to the forest department. You have to park the car in the village, then walk towards the forest department parking area, which is 2 km away from the village.

❖ By Rail

If you are touring from Mumbai, Take a local train to Kasara. From there book a jeep, this will take around 4 hrs to reach Anjaneri. Another way that you can take to reach Anjaneri from Mumbai is to travel to Nashik by train and from there book a jeep or take a bus that goes to Trimbak. Get down when you reach Anjaneri village. It is the time-consuming and longest route.
If you are touring from Nashik, get on any bus to Trimbakeshwar or if you are coming from Trimbakeshwar get on any bus to Nashik. Then, get a ticket to Anjaneri Village. From the Anjaneri bus stand, walk inside the village. You have to walk a further 2 km to reach the starting point.

❖ Accommodation

Some of the best hotels and lodges near Anjaneri fort in Nashik are:

  • Three Leaves hotel, has earned an excellent rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 by the visitors.
  • Grape County Eco Resorts, it grabs the rating of 4.5 stars by the travellers.
  • Cabo Kings Resorts & Hotels, this is another good place to stay. It has an overall rating of 3 stars by the customers.

❖ Things To See

  • Attractive flowers of different breeds are very scarcely seen in Western ghats but you can find them in huge quantities on the Anjaneri Fort Trek.
  • There are other beautiful wildflowers like day flowers and sonki flowers throughout the trek.
  • While trekking, you’ll come across the beautiful cape york lily flower.
  • Western ghat treks are usually seen with the boulder sections, forest, high grasslands, and ridges. But in this trek, you will see a huge grassland covered with beautiful flowers. It is approximately 4 km long.
  • Just after the long grassland, you’ll see a vast lake on your left. The lake is foot-shaped. You can identify the structure from the top. The villagers might share some stories regarding that shape. However, there is no proof for that.

❖ Things To Carry

  • Carry a basic First-Aid kit.
  • A valid Identity card.
  • Scarf/cap/ bandana & sunglasses.
  • Water bottle with a minimum capacity of two litres.
  • Lemon and salt or Electrolyte drink/ powder (Electral/Glucon D/Gatorade etc.,)
  • High-calorie snacks like Nuts and dry fruits, home-baked cake, etc.,
  • Safety Pins, rubber bands and whistle: Useful in emergencies.
  • Quick dry T-shirts are suitable over cotton dresses.
  • Ponchos, only during monsoon season.
  • Plastic covering to wrap electronic devices during monsoons.
  • Sunscreen with a SPF 50 or above.
  • You can carry a trekking pole as per your need.