Kulangadd Trek


Kulanggad is the highest hill-fort in Maharashtra, standing on an elevation of 4800 feet. The peaks of Kalsubai, Dhakoba, Naneghat, and others make for a breathtaking view from above. This two-day trek is best done during the winter season when it is cold and dry. The slippery slopes, sparse tree cover, and tedious rock climbing make it unsuitable for other seasons.

How to reach

❖ By Rail

Local trains from Mumbai and Nashik will take you to Igatpuri junction as it lies between them. Local and passenger trains from Pune also halt at this station.

❖ By Road

Take a train to the village Bhavi from Igatpuri bus terminal. From there, a three to four-hour walk on a straight road (NH13) will take you to the base village. The base lies between Ambevady and Kuranguvady, and there are public transportation services to reach here.

❖ Accommodation

There are several hotels and resorts in this area to seek rest. However, the best place is a big cave at the top with a capacity of about 20 people.

❖ Things To See

  • The ancient fort itself is a delight for any adventure seeker.
  • The cave on the right side of the entrance offers spectacular views of the Bhandardhara and Ghatghar dams.
  • The top of the summit is the perfect place for stargazing.
  • Do not miss the sunrise and sunset from this spot.
  • There is a little wildlife, such as monkeys, known to snatch food packets from trekkers.
  • You can squeeze in a visit to the Bhandardhara lake within the trip as it is 32 km away.

❖ Things To Carry

  • Carry sufficient food, water bottles, sleeping bags and torches.
  • The temperatures dip to 10 degrees, so carry warm clothes.
  • Carry a compass, because it will be useful in case you lose direction. You will also lose the mobile signal near the top.
  • Carry firewood and fuel if you wish to instigate a bonfire.
  • Pack some first aid.