10 Tips To Stay Motivated On Your Fitness Journey


Welcome to the world of fitness! Everyone wants to remain fit in today’s era. But, to remain fit motivation is required. Motivation is a type of energy that makes you harder to get your desired goals in terms of fitness. Often, people get distracted from the right path and struggle to achieve their goals. If you cannot remain motivated, you need to follow some tips that will help you a lot and improve your lifestyle.
Are you the one who stops midway on a fitness journey? People usually stop midway when results come too slowly. Will you give up so early? Life is too precious and to enjoy this life to its fullest, fitness is very much needed, and to remain on that path motivation is needed.
Here are some tips and tricks to remain motivated in your fitness journey!

1. Just Remember Why You Started

Firstly, try to remember why you have started a fitness journey? This is a prevalent method, and it is proven to be a very effective method. You started a fitness journey to improve your health. It is very important to dig deep and think hard about why you have decided to change your lifestyle.

2. Single Goal Should Be Focused

This tip is very important as there are many things on which you ponder upon, and think to change those things. If you think about many things that need to be changed, it will become a struggle for you, so focus on one thing that is of primary importance (your fitness). Focusing on one goal will help you to reach your fitness journey without any fear.

3. Creating Reminder

This tip is something that everyone should utilize before starting your fitness journey. It is found that after a reminder flashes in front of you, it will greatly help you to remain motivated in tough times. You can set a motivational photo as your wallpaper on the phone screen so that the photo flashes in front of you anytime you open your phone.

4. Set Countdown

Countdowns play a major role in the journey of fitness as it provides a clear ending. Can’t you set a countdown for yourself? It’s not like that a specific end should be set for your fitness journey, but some specific day should be decided, this will help in keeping your mind motivated to finish the whole journey.

5. Workout Schedule

The difficult aspect of fitness is to find time for a workout if you have a busy schedule. If you are dedicated to your fitness, then you need to take out some time from your busy schedule. If you have a scheduled time for a workout, then it would be difficult to make excuses to run away from the workout. A workout is important, just like work.

6. Capturing Pictures Of The Progress

It is often not realized how far you have reached, till a comparison is made between past and present. If the progress report justifies that you have made a difference physically, you can continue further with great enthusiasm. You should try to capture pictures of progress through fitness journeys. To make progress more accurate, try to capture the pictures from similar angles.

7. Join People With The Same Thought

To reach a specific goal, the support of a community is very important. So, a better way to stay motivated while reaching your goals is to join people who have similar goals. For this, you need a trustworthy and helpful friend, Right? So, you need to search for a friend who can join you in your exercise pattern and keep you motivated. If not finding anyone then go online, there you will find an online group of people with the same goals. Life becomes easier.

8. Trying New Workouts

You can lose motivation because of boredom. Want to try some interesting mixture of exercises? Surf the internet to find more crazy exercises or try something new like swimming, hiking, trekking, or you can work outside. Trying something new can extremely change your mindset and helps you to remain motivated.

9. Wearing Workout Clothes

This method seems to be pretty cliche but believes me, this method truly works. Search for some suitable athletic clothes that you can wear and see the results. Wearing comfortable, sporty clothes/outfits during your workout sessions would help in keeping you motivated.

10. Reward System

If you want to become successful, then you need to reward yourself. This reward comes in a pair of shoes, a pair of jeans, or a top which you wanted for a long time. This tip is very necessary to reach a successful fitness journey. Be proud of yourself to work for your goals. You deserve to be rewarded, so do it by yourself. It will keep you motivated.


If you have just started with your fitness regime, then these points can help you to work out more efficiently and get your desired results more sooner than what you had expected. Life is all about physical activity.
Now, if you have gained enthusiasm, go ahead with your journey. Always set your goals, make the journey enjoyable and reward yourself. Whenever you feel demotivated, review the tips given above, it will make you feel motivated.