WhatsApp Chatting App Vs Other Top 5 Chatting Apps On Google Play

WhatsApp Chatting App Vs Other Top 5 Chatting Apps On Google Play

The reason for this article is because of the recent big news that says WhatsApp privacy and data are about to share with Facebook.
Due to this majority of the people panicked and outraged. First of all, I am going to talk about privacy policy. Any data that is available on the internet is not completely private someone has access to that data.
In case you are wondering about which chatting app will be good for you then in this article, I will tell you about some chatting apps other than WhatsApp. Then you can decide on your own which best for you.
The first Chatting app that I like and use is

1. Telegram

It is also becoming quite famous in India. It has features likeIt is also becoming quite famous in India. It has features like

  • You can create a group of as many people as you can. WhatsApp has a limit of 250 people.
  • You can create channels there where you can share your stuff with others and make your cloud of people. It’s like having a social media page where you can post. You can’t do it on WhatsApp.
  • You can share very large files on telegram that you can’t do on WhatsApp.
  • You get options of sending amazing gifs and stickers much better than WhatsApp.
  • If you talk about privacy and telegram support services it is quite good. If you see any wrong posts and bad group, you can report them and the telegram immediately takes action on that.
  • On telegram, you can also delete your conversation from the other person’s phone that is very nice.
  • You can also find channels for many different movies and web series for entertainment.

Nowadays it is very popular in schools, colleges, and companies because it’s easier to send educational stuff here and can send many large different kinds of files with your mates.
There are only two things that are not as good as WhatsApp
First, voice calling and video calling, and second you can’t upload status.
The other app that is in the news is

2. Signal

It is a normal chatting app same as WhatsApp but not even close to Telegram.

  • It has a group limit of up to 150 people.
  • It does not have a voice calling or video calling better than WhatsApp.
  • You can’t send larger files as you send on Telegram.
  • You can send gifs, stickers, and media but they are not so good features that can replace WhatsApp.
  • The next big thing is not installed by the majority of the people so you can’t chat with many people.

Well as I say there is no problem in using WhatsApp because the Amount of data that big companies get are from many sources. So it does not matter if you replace WhatsApp with some other chatting app.
As WhatsApp is a first-mover so it is installed on the majority of people’s phones. You will have to use it to communicate. But if your group has decided to shift to a particular app you can try Telegram and many different apps like

3. Viber

It is also an interesting chatting app which lots of features like

  • You can create as many people as you can same as a telegram.
  • You can also check and join public groups.
  • You have features like sending gifs, voice calling, and video calling.
  • It has one unique and interesting features other than WhatsApp and telegram that you can add more than 20 people on call.
  • And at last If you live in a country like India, it is not popular here so you will not be able to see groups of a community of your interests. You can’t get movie or web series groups like you to get in telegram.

4. Line

  • It also comes with its own unique features other than different chatting apps that you can make calls to other mobile phones and landlines. You can also make international calls even if the person isn’t on the line.
  • But it comes with a very large size and requires a very good internet connection.
  • But it has some interesting gifs and stickers but again it’s not that necessary.

5. Kik

  • Most western people use Kik. It also comes with its own unique feature you can find random people of the same interest. You get to choose interests then you can find groups and people regarding that interest.
  • But it has a limit of only 50 people in the group.
  • You don’t need a person’s number to search him on Kik. You can search the person’s id by typing his username same as the telegram.
  • But it is also not so much known in India.
  • In my opinion, you can stick to WhatsApp as it is very smooth and has a very good user interface than the other and you can also install telegram on your phone together so that you can enjoy its unique feature of groups and channels.