10 Businesses That Can Be Started From Home With Zero Investment In 2021

10 Businesses That Can Be Started From Home With Zero Investment In 2021

Many of the home-based businesses can be started from home with no or very little experience and investment. One doesn’t need to be an MBA graduate to start a successful business.
Whoever said ‘To make money, you need money’ maybe needs a revision from the current generation of people.
Here is a list of businesses that can be started from home with no investments.

1. Launching an online or offline course

If you are good at something, teaching it online by making a course or at home is a very good way of making money with no investments. Especially due to the pandemic where most of the people are at home and had a lot of time, they have realized that they want to learn something new and add it to their personality. This makes it a very good opportunity to teach new things to people.
Teaching can be in any field, you know how to make cakes? Start teaching it to people. Bored doing yoga or exercising alone? Make a club and do it with other people. Many things can be taught like Maths, Physics, Cooking, Painting, etc.
Starting your blog or uploading it on Udemy is a great way to start with online courses.

2. Book Publishing

Know something perfectly? Or can write good stories on fiction, romance, or any other genre? Write a book and publish it online in the form of an eBook on either your site or Kindle Store. Printing on-demand options can be given.
A good thing about self-publishing is that you only need to take care of uploading the eBook on the website, rest all can be taken care of very easily. Many third-party agents can help you market it and also print and deliver it if need be, all according to your likeliness.

3. Content Writing

People have been writing blogs for the better part of two decades now. They write it on every niche present out there. But writing is just one part of the blog. There are many other things like marketing, SEO, Social Media Campaigning, etc. Most of the bloggers are busy doing that and therefore they hand out the writing part to someone else and then later publish it in their name. But content writing is just not with bloggers, it could be with someone who wants to publish a book too.
So, content writing just involves delivering good quality writing or content and getting paid for it.

4. Virtual Assistant

Many managers are busy with their businesses, They don’t have time to manage personal things as those things take up a huge amount of their time. Here’s where the job of assistant comes into play. Some of them prefer it doing online without physical presence. The general task often given to such assistants is to handle.

  • Travel schedules
  • Social Media Handles
  • Calendar managing
  • Email or Mail management
  • Meeting management, etc

As a virtual assistant, you may or may not get all the tasks

5. Affiliate or Network Marketing

Even if everything fails, affiliate marketing will remain alive for a very long time. It is one of the best methods to make money sitting at home.
All you need to do is to recommend the products of a growing business to people in your network or on your blog. For each product sold to a customer who comes from your referral, you’ll get a commission. This helps both, the business owner and yourself to grow and earn money.

6. Freelance Software

Many businesses want to grow themselves over the internet. They need someone to develop a website and maintain it for them. Most of the product-based businesses in this lockdown period are very badly affected. If you have the basic knowledge, you will be paid a good amount to help them.

7. Website Development

This is another option concerning startups not majorly dealing with IT. They need freelance software engineers to maintain their database as they cannot afford established firms. You can be of help here if you have the necessary skills.

8. Pet or Baby Sitting

Pet or babysitting doesn’t require any investments and you get paid just to have some fun depending on your perception. You just need to spend some time with a pet or a baby.

9. House Sitting

House sitting means helping the owners take care of their plants, property, etc when they may or may not be present. This requires reliability and trust-building.

10. Selling Home-Made Products

Selling homemade products requires some amount of skills, to make and sell products like food, knitted sweaters, paintings, bottle arts, snacks, etc. This majorly requires good marketing skills and customer relationship management, because trust here involves a large amount of consumer base.