Difference Between An Android Device And An Iphone?

Difference Between An Android Device And An Iphone

Many people think about these two options while purchasing a mobile phone. So in this article, I am going to tell you about the pros and cons of both the devices and what you should purchase according to your need.
If I talk about the pros of one device, then I will mention the cons of another device in that.
First I will talk about an

Android Device (Pros)

• Budget

If we compare both devices in terms of budget, then android is the winner. In the majority, all the mobile phone brands run on Android OS. Due to this, you get to see lots of variants in different price ranges with different specifications. So that every person can afford an Android device.

• Applications

If we talk in terms of applications that are available on this platform is in huge numbers. As we talked the majority of the people have an Android device. That’s why most of the developers make apps for the Android platform. You will get to see many Android applications that are available for free on the google play store.
Cons will be mention when we talk about the pros of an iPhone.

iPhone Device (Pros)

• Design and Build Quality

No other brand can beat an iPhone in terms of design and build quality that is an offer by an iPhone. Apple comes with its innovative ideas and designs, it spends lots of money in research and development. Other brands tends to copy its design. More of that it gives you a premium feel when you hold an iPhone due to its sturdy and cool metal design with the back panel made up of glass.

• Camera

In terms of picture quality, the iPhone has a wonderful camera. It has great hardware and software for the camera. It clicks realistic pictures without adding extra unnecessary things that degrade the picture quality. You can record great videos if you are a content creator or Social media influencer. Only a few android phones can match the iPhone camera but it also comes with the same price range.

• Security

iPhone has the best security you can get. It is very difficult to crack an iPhone security on any store. Unlike an Android device because if it gets stolen, it can be easily cracked at any store. It protects your data with third-party sources. You will not get to see annoying bloatware and it is completely malware-free.

• Performance

An iPhone processor and software is much more optimized than an Android device because iPhone’s software and hardware are synced in harmony. You can enjoy the high-end performance without any frame drops. If you use an Android device as it gets old the system becomes slow. But in iPhone the iPhone even if it gets old, it works perfectly fine. iPhone gives a frequent software update that lets your device up to date.


  • iPhone beats Android in each term except for the price and the number of free applications available on the platform.
  • If you are just a student who wants to purchase a phone for casual use and playing games, you should not go for an iPhone. You can checkout mid-range android devices.
  • If you are a content creator or a social media influencer and have a decent income you should go for an iPhone.
  • If you are grown up and earn quite handsome money and wants a cool looking device with great build quality and performance, then you should also go for an iPhone.

So you can see each device has its pros and cons and you can choose your device according to your need, requirements, and budget.