What Care Should Be Taken For A Newborn Baby


Being a parent is not an easy job. If you are experiencing this for the first time you will get advice from many people, but still you might be confused about what is good for your baby. Newborn baby clothing, accessories everything must be perfect. How to take care of a newborn baby can be stressful for first-time parents but it’s one of the most beautiful moments you will ever experience.
Following are some tips that will help you in your journey.


Feeding your baby on time is very important. It should be done 8-12 times in a day. For 6 months, baby should be given breast milk. It is said that baby gets nutrients and energy from the milk. Holding the baby in your arms’ place your breast smoothly near his lips, and the baby will start sucking it. If you do not prefer breast feeding, then one should ask the doctor for recommendations about what will be good for the baby and should act accordingly.


Once the baby is fed properly the process of burping must be done. It is said that newborn babies swallow air which might reach to their stomach and hinder their digestion. This is not at all a good sign. To prevent it, place the chin of your baby on your shoulder and pat her back gently with your hands. Continue doing the same until the baby burps.

Handling a Newborn Baby

It might be a difficult task at first. You should handle the baby with utmost care. At first, your hands should be properly washed. Use a sanitizer if needed. Your hands should be clean to avoid any kind of infection. Never shake your infant. This might lead to bleeding in brain which is very harmful. It can even cause death.

How To Hold A Newborn Baby

The process of holding a baby should be done accurately. When you hold your baby around your chest ensure that you are supporting his neck because it does not stand up independently for 6 months at least. The backbone of the baby is also not strong and is growing, so proper support should be given to the baby. So while holding a baby pay attention to the head and neck.

Diapering The Newborn Baby

You will need to change the diaper at least ten times in a day. Whenever you find the diaper to be heavy, change it very carefully. You need to have all the things required prior so that you do not leave the baby unattended. You will require, a clean diaper, a bowl of warm water, baby powder and a cleaning sheet. After removing the dirty diaper, clean the urinal area gently with water. You can even use baby wipes. Apply powder, and then place the new diaper. Whenever you change the diaper of a baby girl, ensure that you wipe it clean from the front to the back so prevents urinary tract infection (UTI).


Bathing should be done after 5 to 6 hours of delivery. If the baby weighs less than 2500 g then bathing should be avoided for few weeks till the baby weighs 2500 g. Bathing should be done 2 to 3 times in a week. The process should be done carefully because the skin of the baby is still sensitive. You will need an infant bathtub, a wash cloth or towel, soap or body wash, body lotion, a new diaper and clean clothes. One member should hold the head and need for support. The other partner needs to apply soap gently on the scalp, body and urinal area. Then wash it out with a warm water (not hot). Make the body dry, apply body lotion and a clean diaper. Then put on some fresh clothes. Bathing before sleep time gives a good sound sleep to the baby.


Massaging is soothing to the baby and also the best time to bond with your little one. This helps with the circulation of blood and the digestive system. Massaging should be done before bath. Take some oil in your hands and massage the baby while talking to him. This is the best way to make eye contact and have an interaction with your child. This will also make your baby much stronger.

Trimming Nails

The growth of the baby nails is fast, and they can scratch their body or face while making movements. To avoid the same trim the nails with the help of baby nail clippers when the baby is asleep. Do not cut it deep, it can be painful for the child. Also do not cut the edges of the nails it might cause an in growth in the nails.


For the first two months, newborn baby needs to sleep 16 hours daily. The baby needs 3 to 4 hours of sleep, and also need to feed after the wake up. They might get up in the middle if they are hungry or when they are wet. Baby should be placed on their back while sleeping so that they do not get pressure on their stomach. You should also alternate the head position to avoid spots on the head. The room where they sleep should be quiet so that the baby can sleep peacefully.

These were some tips by which you can easily take care of your newborn. If you are doing this for the first time, the experience will be worth remembering. Follow the tips and your baby will be safe and sound.