Top Places For Trekking In Maharashtra

Top Places For Trekking In Maharashtra Pratapgarh-Fort-Mahabaleshwar

There are so many unexplored places in the world, and we cannot visit all of them. We are often obsessed with locations far away in foreign countries. It is a given that such a place would have some unusual flora and fauna, but they are out of our reach. However, there is a lot we do not know about the locations most near to us. Here is a list of ten treks where you will find some unique natural beauty.

1. Kulangadd Trek – Igatpuri

This mountain fort provides a picturesque view of the nature surrounding it. The neat rock-carved steps, caves and remnants of big rooms take us back into the history of this place. The peaks of Naneghat and Kalsubai are visible from the summit.
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2. Kanakeshwar Forest – Alibaug

A habitat for a variety of wild animals and birds, a trek along this forest is the perfect escape from the hustle of daily life. The tracks in this forest are an attraction for adventurous people. It can be visited throughout the year and is easily accessible from most parts in Alibaug.
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3. Kate’s Point – Panchgani

Kate’s point is among the most photogenic spots in Mahabaleshwar. The peaks of Kamalgadh, Mandardeo and Pandavgadh are visible from this spot. Bask in the cold breeze and picturesque scenery on this point. You can also visit the nearby natural rock formation called Elephant’s point because it looks like an Elephant’s head from the side.
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4. Pratapgarh Fort – Mahabaleshwar

This place is rooted in Maratha history and is a symbol of pride and bravery. It has all the features for a trekking destination – lush greenery, serene landscape and calm, coastal location. The fort itself is a delight due to all the ponds, chambers and gardens inside the complex.
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5. Plus Valley – Kolad

The valley is named so due to its shape – a plus. There is a pool amid the thick forests in this valley, which makes the trek exciting. Trekkers come to this place to experience the rich flora and fauna. Visiting it during the monsoon is a treat to the senses as it gets surrounded by small streams.
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6. Bitangad Trek – Igatpuri

It is located in the Kalsubai range and offers a myriad of scenic beauty. It is popular, so it is easy to find a group to go here. Reaching the fort, however, requires some rock climbing as it has a steep slope.
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7. Sandhan Valley – Bhandardara

This trek is known for its off-beat path and unexplored nature. There is a lot to do here than just trekking, such as rock climbing, photography, rappelling and camping. It is the perfect place to sit and enjoy the bonfire. However, novice trekkers should not visit this place as it is unusual compared to other treks.
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8. Camel Valley – Igatpuri

This place is only 4km away from Igatpuri and offers a view of a scenic waterfall on the way. The valley has a canopy of clouds that keep you feeling fresh for a long time. The greenery and numerous streams are a must-visit for any trekker.
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9. Anjaneri Fort Trek – Nashik

This place is in the Nasik-Triambakeshwar mountain range and is known as the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. There are many rare wild-flower meadows located in the region such as Cape York Lily flower. The trek takes about 40 minutes to complete, and there are flower beds all along the way.
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10. Duke’s Nose Trek – Khandala

This place is not limited to trekking, because it is also known for rock climbing, slackline festival, rappelling and camping. Many people prefer this trek because the difficulty level is easy.
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Trekking not only exposes us to nature, but it also helps us calm down. Many people see trekking as an escape from the everyday hustle. It is grated that there is a high probability of getting injured, but every person should experience the beautiful things lying beyond their little world.