Top 5 Best Free Coding Apps To Learn Code In 2021


Well, nowadays Coding is a skill that everyone should know. It’s the skill that introduces you to the backend where you get to know how things work in a technical field. Coding skill is one best sources of side incomes. As a student, it is great to earn some pocket money in college.
In this article, I am going to tell you about 5 very good sources to learn coding for free. When it comes to code there are lots of programming languages out there. As a beginner, you may not want to learn everything and it also not recommended. You should focus only on some popular programming languages that are widely used nowadays.
First, I will tell you about some android apps that you can check out. Not only that I will also mention some good YouTube channels where you can learn.

1. Solo Learn

It is one of the best coding apps I have used ever used. It is available on both android and iOS platforms. Solo learn offers you more than 11 languages to learn, for example, C++, C, C#, Java, Python, Html, etc. Let’s talk about what you will get in this app.

  • First of you will get all the notes and lessons related to the language you select.
  • You will get daily programming-related problems for practice in the community tab as a coach which you can solve.
  • You can also do coding battles with different people at your level. With the help of that, you can boost your ranking there.
  • There is a healthy community section where you can post your doubts many people will answer your question.
  • There is one more feature in this app which is the most amazing feature you can say. You get a free space in the app where you can write codes and run to check if it is working or not.
  • People on solo learn to post their amazing codes and projects which you can see how it is working and you can learn from it. You can also save your projects there.

Well now you have read about these amazing features everything is for free except one thing you can’t directly jump from 1st lesson to the last lesson. You will have to complete each lesson step by step to unlock the next lesson. If you want to skip, then you have to pay a little amount of 170rs/month to unlock all courses which is not much. Other than that everything that I mentioned above as a feature is for free on that platform.

2. Programming Hub

It is also one of the most important apps that you should consider for learning. In this app, you can learn many programming languages like C++, Python, React, CSS, Django, Node JS, and many more. Programming Hub does not only provide you programming languages but it also offers you courses like Data Science, SEO, IT Basics, Digital marketing, Google display ads, Artificial intelligence, and many more.
Programming Hub provides both free and paid courses. But You don’t have to pay for each course you take. You just have to take a subscription and all the courses will be unlocked. There are lots of things you can learn like app development, website development, marketing and that will be very helpful in a combination. You will also get a Certificate of completion.

3. Mimo

This app does not have too many courses like the previous two apps but it has a quite good user interface to learn. Mimo offers you four programming languages like HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript. It has a few unlocked courses which you can check but most of them are locked. You will have to take a subscription of monthly or yearly package. It’s around 4750rs yearly and 850rs per month.
It also provides you coding space to practice. After completing each course, you will get certificates.

4. Grasshopper

This app is completely free but it is made to learn Java Script only. You can learn how to make animation. You will also get a coding playground in which you can practice your code. It is available on android.

5. Programming Hero

This app is good for beginners if you want to learn code. You will get to learn python and C++ basics to advance. While learning you will be able to make basic games.
You will get 100+ coding problems and explanations. You will get to learn data structures and algorithms. It is available on android.